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Changing the world, community by community one at a time. The theme for the Grass Root Change Makers and Innovators Summit 2017. This is a partnership between DBSV, Gifted Hands Network, Kanthari Change makers, UP, Social Innovation Academy, co-founded by Erasmus and Programme of the European Union.

I agree to the fact that we can change the world by going back to our community. I cannot stand at a hilltop and tell everyone else to do things a certain way. I need to start from my surrounding. If they cannot agree to this change, how then can I change the foreign community?

Talking about considering community; we can exchange ideas of what would work best. This becomes an avenue of understanding for an idea to work out.

Can you hold their hands and lead the way for them?

I have failed to understand those who cannot empathize with the marginalized to lift them up. All they think about is themselves. Can you think of someone else today? Think about what they go through? How would you feel if you were going through the same? This way you will have a whole new mind.



Follow the conversation on the Twitter platform from the trending #ChangeMakerSummitUg2017. The Summit will take place on August, 9th 2017.A network of activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, media and public figures will be discussing how to take action in marginalized communities.


Support the Marginalized!

Support the Marginalized!


Marginalize is to intentionally force or keep someone in an undesirable position within a society or group.

The simplest way to define the marginalized is person or group of people who are treated as insignificant or accorded less importance.

The marginalized may include those severely impaired from birth who are disabled, orphans, poor, widowed et al.

Others refer to the marginalized as a status someone acquired, those who lost their status due to the social, political, economic changes.

When you push people to the edge of society by not allowing them a place within it, you marginalize them. People who are marginalized have relatively little control over their lives and the resources allocated to them. In other words, cannot even speak out about certain issues affecting them. They may be stigmatized and receive negative public attitudes instead.

The marginalized relatively have limited access to education, health, housing, income, recreational services. With all this that they experience, they develop low self-confidence and self-esteem,   Different people will respond differently to the different marginalization depending on the personal or social resources available to them. Be it social attitude or circumstance. They feed on poverty, dependency, and feeling of shame as their everyday aspects. They lack a sense of belonging. One cannot deny their community. How do you belong to a community that discriminates you anyway? How do you fit in?

Economically, these people contribute to the community by what they do but are not recognized. Their incomes may vary following the cliché that they are not part of the community (or organization) and do not contribute a lot compared to their counterparts. The working poor actually fear to participate in organizational duties because of fear or suspicion depending on where they do their work from.

This group of people, however, need financial assistance to go on with their inventions and innovations. Associations that accept donations which they later present to them would be a good idea. Being on the MasterCard Foundation Scholars’ Program has taught me the belief and practicality of doing it individually or as a team rather than wait for the bureaucratic release of funds to help our people in the community. The idea that one should not wait for another to tell them to do something even when it exercises patience. Embracing transformative leadership is the way to go. We use the cliché-being able to lead without being appointed to

Politically, a report made on 15 December 2015 pointed out that the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people are not accorded justice in the judicial system. This category of people cannot afford lawyers to pay court dues charged by some court officials. People should advocate that this category of people receive free legal services from the lawyers.

Empowerment should be geared towards helping the marginalized access business development rather than avoid it or fear taking risks in business.

Issues such as mentorship and coaching, access to skills training and entrepreneurship education, identification of innovative ideas for youth involvement should be pursued as a matter of priority. An approach to this should be leveraged on identifying where their passion lies. Everyone has a unique top talent that no one else has.

You cannot fake passion- Barbara Corcoran

Passion is original. This way one can work on a venture without being pushed. When faced with challenges, one will always find a way out. Passion triggers excellence at that. No one would ever want to fail their passion/talent in something.

People fail to answer these questions,

  1. “Where does your passion lie?”
  2. “What are you good at?”
  3. “What can you do best without tight supervision but get compelling results?”

Designing a people-centered approach that trains, provides education and information sharing about various opportunities will help boost their esteem and instill confidence.

Barriers to education can be reduced by providing impoverished children access to free education, leadership skills enhancement and self-drive. The package should include helping them identify a skill and train during the holiday in order to generate income for their well-being and transition from school. Challenging the current education system that teaches children to cram, get good grades, seek for jobs rather than create jobs. This neglects practicability, passion, the personal development that exists in the real world. Schools and the education system should include the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). This makes it is easier for students to identify a problem and work on a project in line with these goals to solve the existing problem in their communities.

We should protect the existence of national or ethnic, cultural groups of the minority and encourage the promotion of their identity.

They should have platforms to participate effectively in decision making, enjoy their own culture without any form of discrimination. The rest should listen to them, they must be heard. Speaking and listening go hand in hand.

Supporting them to open their own associations will enable them to maintain the sense of belonging and feel accepted in their communities.

They should participate effectively in the economic progress and development of the country.

The Grass Root Change Makers’ Summit will be addressing issues on how to support the marginalized in our communities at Land Star Hotel in Makindye, Uganda.                        This event brings together over 150 change makers, innovators, activists, public figures who will exchange brilliant ideas on how they can change society by supporting the marginalized economically, politically, economically for the greater good. This will help the coming generation to walk right through this balance in the community.


Follow and drop your conversations on the Twitter Platform by using the hashtag, #ChangeMakerSummitUg2017.

Young people have the possibility to lead the change!

Support the marginalized #ChangeMakerSummitUg2017




Speak Up!

Speak Up!

This holiday, my work involves using a taxi as a cheap and convenient means of transport considering the distance and the money I would spend each day. Forget waking up too early to bypass the traffic jam. About bypassing the traffic jam, taxis normally find a way out of this. They would rather squeeze themselves on the road, the same row not queue at least.

One spectacular thing I notice about every conductor is their character. It manifests right from when they request you to board their taxi. There is those that will beg you with their eyes before they even mention it. Others will tell you off if you do not really want to. Some will not only tell you off but abuse you like they even want to fight you. Yes, I said it. I saw it happen.

This explains their attitude. Just like Frank Ocean said, “Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.”

A conductor may choose to wait for a potential person who could board their taxi even when they are five minutes away. Call it patience. I admit I do not have it at times. Surprisingly, when the person approaches the taxi, they may announce that they are not travelling or simply take another taxi. Eh! You wonder, even after the wait. This is where I am considerate. You signal me first for an empty seat, however far you may be, I rather accomplish than abandon for another.

Out of that, patience runs out! One morning, I boarded this taxi and the conductor looked exhausted already especially at that hour. I will not dig out the reasons as to why. He kept complaining every short distance a passenger asked that the driver parks so they jump off.

He found it so disturbing! But then, should I come out at a place where I do not intend?

When I reached my destination, I had to hear the arguments and grumbling from him. When I handed him the money, he exceeded what he was supposed to deduct. He could have forgotten where he picked me from so I reminded him that I expected something else from the balance he had given me.

With a tough face, he answered back, “That is the taxi fare, young girl!”

What else would a young girl do anyway, I walked away. I walked away feeling intimidated. I do not like being embarrassed. If it is an argument, then it should be in my favor and I should win.

This did not seem to be in my favor though.

I remembered one has to speak up for what they do not see right.

I had let it happen, I had not spoken up. There are normally very many people at the taxi park, the one calling you to board is different from the one who is the conductor. They all tell you different fares. I had not exposed this.

This stuck in my head. That I had lost my penny to this tough and inconsiderate conductor.

A week later, I board this taxi and I meet a kind of conductor who overcharges me. Sometimes they do this thinking we are not aware of the fare. I walked out so well, I told him I was still waiting for my balance.

He assured me that was the fare. I outlined to him how they are different people at the taxi stage who tell us different fares. I told him how they think we do not travel every day on the same route that we know exactly how much it costs to the place.

As I kept on and on, the other passengers were on my side in support. They told him, “The girl is right, you tell us different fares at the stage and on arrival.”

The conductor persisted as the driver threatened to drive away. I insisted as I was going to keep at the taxi window. With great energy, I held the conductors’ window waiting for my balance. He had to return the balance.

I walked away with my head high and my nose in the air. I felt so satisfied with the whole situation.

It was like I chose to fight a winning fight.

People choose to keep quiet in these situations but it is about speaking out. They do not mention how they over speed. They do not talk about how the taxis are sometimes in poor mechanical conditions. They are never satisfied, with the full capacity they have their head outside the taxi that they cannot hear a passenger request for a halt. How they keep us waiting when they are looking for other passengers. They take up our time, eh! taxi

Speak out! When things do not go right. Speak out! Do not be oppressed!

With this and all, I advocate for more forums to speak about the road rules and safety measures. Everyone else in Uganda should create time and attend an ICT in Transport and Insurance Expo scheduled for 21st to 23rd September 2017 at Railway Grounds near Victoria University and air out their views. This is an event bringing together students, student developers, car selling companies, tour and travel companies, fuel companies with the engagement of the government bodies in charge. Check out the updates on @BDEConsults Twitter page.

Speak out so you are heard!

Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.